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Dentremont Dental Centre


Dental emergencies

Dentremont centre will take care of all your dental emergencies

A dental emergency is characterised by acute pain that cannot be relieved by painkillers. Many other concurrent discomforts may occur, such as fever or the inability to eat. Beyond such emergencies, our practice also treats aesthetic crises such as a broken tooth or the loss of a crown.

The Dentremont Dental Centre is equipped to treat all your dental emergencies and ease your pain. Every day, slots are reserved for dealing with the emergencies people face in the Valais region. For quick treatment, you can reach us for an appointment via phone or website or come directly to our practice.


Regardless of how you get in touch, our dentists will attentively listen to your issues and treat your emergency as soon as possible. After the immediate emergency has been resolved, a treatment process can be initiated to avoid any risk of recurrence.

What dental emergencies do we deal with?

1. Toothache

2. Dental abscess 

3. Broken tooth
4. Broken prosthesis 
5. Tooth blockage / bleeding gums


One of the most common dental emergencies, toothaches are caused by the degradation of dental pulp due to a damaged or badly decayed tooth. The tooth damage then reaches the dental nerve and causes a toothache. If you suffer from a toothache and are in severe pain, you should make an appointment with one of our dentists as soon as possible to receive quick relief. Our dentists will soothe the pain and perform a pulpotomy to remove the affected part of the nerve. Once the pain has subsided, dental treatment will then be carried out to treat the cavity or lesion. The tooth may also be devitalised and fitted with a crown to replace the damaged tooth.

Dental abscess

A dental abscess is a very painful emergency caused by a bacterial infection in a tooth or the gums. It is particularly common when cavities are left untreated; the decay evolves and causes lesions in the tooth pulp, leading to an abscess. Our dentists can relieve your pain and treat the affected tooth to remove your abscess and prevent it from developing further.

Broken or damaged tooth

Both children and adults can suffer from a broken or damaged tooth due to a fall or impact to the teeth. If you suffer from a broken tooth, our dentists can take care of it at our dental practice. Depending on your case, the broken piece can either be glued back together or reconstructed with composite resin. However, if the nerve is affected, a root canal will be necessary before reconstruction and crown fitting. This type of dental treatment ensures your smile stays intact.

Broken or damaged prosthesis

If you have dentures or a crown, they may break or become damaged due to a fall or dental impact. The loss of your crown can lead to difficulties with speech, chewing, and cosmetic dissatisfaction. Our dentists can treat such dental emergencies for you. If your denture is still functional, it can be repositioned on the tooth. But if it is excessively damaged, a temporary filling can be made.

Dental blockage

Tooth blockage is an accumulation of food residue between two teeth. This blockage can lead to gum inflammation, pain, difficulty in chewing and, in the worst case, caries. They are often caused by anatomical interdental spaces. If you are suffering from tooth blockage, consider cleaning the area with dental floss and making an appointment at our centre. Our dentists will carry out the necessary treatment by cleaning the affected area and treating the cavity.

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