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Dentremont Dental Centre

Full range of dental treatments

Our dental treatments

Our practitioners provide the full range of dental care for adults and children, offering you tailor-made protocols for your oral health.

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Dental hygiene and care

Dentremont Dental Centre performs all routine dental care procedures to protect your oral health. Most dental problems can be prevented through consistent attention to oral hygiene.


So it is essential that children adopt good habits from a young age to protect their teeth and gums throughout their lives.

Twice-daily brushing and regular visits to the dentist will ensure that beautiful smiles are maintained well. At our dental centre, children can get grooves in their teeth sealed to prevent cavities from developing and receive regular checkups to avoid the development of dental pathologies.

Dental surgery

Benefit from the extensive expertise of our two dentists and modern technological equipment for your dental surgery. Also known as odontology, dental surgery treats various pathologies that require tooth extraction, implant placement, or dental bone grafts.

These complex procedures are carried out with care and precision and will allow you to regain your cherished smile. We offer tailored care to all our patients. Every step of the treatment protocol will be thoroughly explained to reassure you and give you confidence.

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Implantology and dental prostheses

We also perform dental implants. Implantology is a speciality that requires precision and professionalism and can be indispensable in many cases when a tooth is broken or missing.


Indeed, the loss of a tooth has several consequences for your overall health regarding speech, nutrition, comfort, and aesthetics.

The aim is to replace missing teeth, with or without the help of implants. Fixed prostheses are used to cover damaged teeth or replace missing teeth without the need for implants. Removable appliances are designed to replace larger gaps.

Under Dentremeont Dental Centre’s comprehensive care, you will receive a unique, custom-made prosthesis using biocompatible materials safe for your health to replace a missing tooth or part of a broken tooth.


All steps involved in fitting a crown or an artificial tooth are performed with great care to leave you with a natural and comfortable result.

Aesthetic treatments

To improve the appearance of your smile, cosmetic dentistry offers a range of options.

For instance, it is possible to modify your teeth’s position, shape, colour and the general appearance of your smile. Additionally, aesthetic treatments like tooth whitening, ceramic veneers, and alignment will allow you to regain your self-confidence and present your most beautiful smile in just a few weeks.

We offer you a personalised appointment to discuss your needs and expectations. 



Orthodontics is the set of techniques designed to correct the aesthetic alignment and functional meshing of the teeth. Children, teenagers and even adults can benefit from this type of treatment.

The fitting of braces and follow-up visits are carried out gently, and the treatment will deliver rapid results with maximum comfort. Our centre offers traditional braces or invisible aligners, for greater discretion.

As each patient is unique, the treatment protocol is established at the first appointment, following an X-ray and consultation of the case.

For every child aged 16 and under, we offer a FREE orthodontic screening consultation (15 minutes).

Dental emergencies

Dental emergencies can never wait. That’s why we have set aside dedicated time for emergencies every day. Whether you have a toothache, an abscess or an infection, we can intervene quickly and effectively.


You can make an appointment by phone, online, or come directly to our practice.


Our dentists will tend to your urgent issue by quickly relieving your pain and applying specific oral treatments to avoid a recurrence.

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