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Our dental centre



Inaugurated in 2017, the Dentremont Dental Centre is part of the Maison de la Santé de Sembrancher and is operated by a dedicated medical and paramedical team. The project initially aimed to alleviate the shortage of medical services in this sector of Valais. Since then, the health centre and its dental surgery facilities have directly contributed to maintaining a high standard of local medicine for the residents of the Martigny, Bovernier, Bagnes, Vollèges, Sembrancher, and Orsières communes.

The facility is easily accessible and well served by main roads, with reserved parking spaces dedicated for patients.


Its location near the Sembrancher railway station also makes it very convenient to reach for those travelling without vehicles.



Wheelchair-friendly access.


Elevator or staircase access


Nearby public transport (train and bus)

The centre

The Dentremont dental centre is a medical-dental centre dedicated to the oral health of children and adults.
Thanks to the expertise of our staff and the quality of our equipment, we provide rigorous dental check-ups for our local and regional patients.


The centre is housed in a modern, comfortable facility. It benefits from high-tech equipment, in line with the requirements of contemporary dentistry:


  • Two treatment units with a flexible chair and headrest, instrument holder, monitor and intra-oral camera, and lighting and hygiene system;

  • Comprehensive X-ray equipment (digital, panoramic, teleradiography).

Finally, it has been designed with ergonomics and patient comfort in mind. To this end, each of the two rooms is equipped with a ceiling television so that treatment can be conducted in a relaxed environment.

The care team

The staff at Dentremont Dental is highly experienced and embodies our core value of caring for patients.

Dresse Esra GELEN 

provides the population of Valais with her expertise in general dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, dental hygiene and prosthesis fitting. She is also experienced in pedodontics (school dentist mandated by the SDJ).

Dr Cédric LALOI

Exceptional skills in general dentistry, dental hygiene, surgery, implantology and the fitting of fixed and removable prostheses.

Both dentists have extensive experience in their field – 15 years each. The nursing team is completed by:

CFC dental assistant and company trainer


apprentice dental assistant

Johanna ADAM

apprentice dental assistant

Communication between professionals and patients is enhanced by our multilingual team proficient in French, English, German, Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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