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Dentremont Dental Centre

Legal information

Mentions légales

Purpose of the site

The website is purely informative and free of charge, and is intended for the general public. The information provided is not intended to replace a dental consultation. It is intended to inform visitors to the website about the various dental treatments available, to facilitate relations between healthcare professionals and patients and to present the Dentremont dental practice. The medical content on the website has been produced under the supervision of dental health professionals.

Site publisher

Legal and administrative information department

Dentremont Sàrl

Route de Gravenne 16

1933 Sembrancher


centredentremont at

Registered in the Commercial Register under no. CHE-243.859.919

Site host

Gandi SAS

63-65 Boulevard Masséna

75013 Paris


Publication managers
  • Docteur Esra GELEN Medical Dentist, Qualified Orthodontist and School Dentist appointed by the SDJ

  • Doctor Cédric Laloi, Dental Surgeon


Intellectual Property

The entire website is defined as a database in accordance with the provisions laid down by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI). As such, Dentremont Sàrl authorizes only the uses and accesses defined below.


The entire content of the site, including graphics, images, texts, videos, sounds and icons, as well as their formatting, is subject to the intellectual property rights of Dentremont Sàrl (or third parties who have granted it a license), under copyright law on these elements or on the site as a work of authorship or as a database. All texts reproduced on the site are the property of their authors. They are used under the usual conditions of copyright as defined by the Swiss Intellectual Property Code and in accordance with the Berne Convention and subsequent international agreements.  


Any reproduction, distribution, modification, retransmission, use or publication, in whole or in part, of these various elements is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Dentremont Sàrl. Any infringement of the rules of copyright or database law is punishable as an infringement of the Swiss federal law on copyright and related rights (LDA).


Any hypertext link to a page of the Dentremont Sàrl website is free, provided that it opens in a new window and is clearly presented, in order to avoid any risk of confusion between the citing site and the website or any presentation that is tendentious or contrary to the laws in force in Switzerland.


The databases on the website are protected by the LDA. Any qualitatively or quantitatively substantial extraction or re-utilisation of the content of the databases is punishable.


Finally, all distinctive signs, in particular corporate names, commercial names, logos, signs and domain names associated with or displayed on the website are the property of Dentremont Sàrl (or third parties who have granted it a licence). Any reproduction or use without express authorisation is likely to constitute usurpation for which the author will be held liable.


Dentremont Sàrl reserves the right to modify the content of this legal notice at any time and without prior notice. Users of the website are therefore invited to consult them regularly.

Confidentiality and protection of personal data

In accordance with the Swiss federal law on data protection, Dentremont Sàrl, in its capacity as publisher of the website, must inform the user of the website that it processes personal data concerning him or her in confidence. Personal information concerning visitors to the website, including their identity, is confidential. Dentremont Sàrl undertakes on its honour to respect the legal conditions of confidentiality applicable in Switzerland and not to divulge this information to third parties.


The website may use cookies to facilitate navigation. Dentremont Sàrl is not responsible for the use of cookies, which are only used to analyse the path taken by users of the site.


The user of the website understands and accepts that the information communicated via the contact forms available on the site or by e-mail to the addresses shown on the site is intended for the authorised personnel of Dentremont Sàrl, for administrative, commercial and medical management purposes.


Users have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete their personal data, in accordance with the legal provisions in force in Switzerland.


To exercise these rights, the user must send an express request on paper to Société Dentremont Sàrl, accompanied by a signed copy of a document proving his/her identity.

Medical confidentiality

Dentremont Sàrl and all its employees are bound by medical confidentiality.


However, the user understands and accepts that sending confidential information, such as personal data, by e-mail or via the online contact form entails a risk for the confidentiality of said information.

By sending requests by e-mail or online contact form, you expressly accept this risk.


Dentremont Sàrl, as publisher of the website, is responsible for the content of the website. However, Dentremont Sàrl cannot be held responsible for the information, comments and opinions expressed on sites referring to its website via hypertext links, as it does not have editorial control over such sites. In addition, the information provided by Dentremont Sàrl is provided for information purposes only and Dentremont Sàrl cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information provided.


Dentremont Sàrl undertakes to use its best endeavours to ensure that the website is accessible to users at all times. However, Dentremont Sàrl cannot be held responsible if the site is unavailable for any reason whatsoever.  In extenso, Dentremont Sàrl cannot be held responsible for faulty data transmission due to various Internet failures or incompatibilities due to the web browser or terminal used by the user. Finally, Dentremont Sàrl cannot guarantee that its website will always function properly or that it will be completely secure. However, it undertakes to provide available and verified information and tools.

Users of the website acknowledge that they have read this legal notice before browsing the website and undertake to comply with it.


Users of the website acknowledge that they have the necessary skills and resources to access and use the site. They acknowledge that they have checked that the computer configuration used is in working order and does not contain any viruses.

 Finally, users acknowledge that they use the information and tools available on the website under their sole responsibility.

Applicable law

This website is governed by Swiss law. Any legal action relating to this legal notice shall therefore be brought exclusively before the ordinary courts of the Republic and Canton of Valais, with the right to appeal to the Federal Court in Lausanne being reserved.

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