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Dentremont Dental Centre

Our expertise to enhance your smile

Dentremont Dental Centre offers comprehensive, personalised service for all your oral care needs. We emphasise listening to your problems to formulate a treatment plan tailored for you. Thanks to our two dentists specialising in dental surgery, implantology, orthodontics, and aesthetic treatment, you can rest assured that you will wear your best smile. Located in Sembrancher in the heart of the Valais valley, we welcome you to a facility equipped with the latest technologies that provide all the benefits of ultra-modern and painless dentistry.

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Quality dental care and high-tech equipment

Dentist Chair

Personalised approach and tailor-made care pathway

Dentist Tools

Team of highly professional and experienced dentists

Dental Tools

Listen-first approach to patient care


Discover more about all the treatments we offer

Dentremont Dental Centre offers dental services of the highest quality. Benefit from the expertise of our dental specialists for routine dental care, dental emergencies, orthodontic treatment, and specialist care. We are committed to quality dentistry and treating our patients with the latest approved techniques. Our modern equipment will ensure you receive the latest, most comprehensive care for your oral health. Choosing us as your dental care provider means leaving with a smile that has never looked better!

Dental surgery

Whether you need a dental extraction, implant placement, or dental bone grafting, our team offers you dental surgery conducted with the latest technological innovations to provide optimal results with minimal pain.

Dental care and hygiene

We perform all routine dental care procedures to ensure optimal oral health. Good dental hygiene and preventive examinations allow you to show your best smile.

Dental emergencies

We reserve slots for dental emergencies every day. We understand that a toothache, abscess, or infection cannot wait, so you can expect fast and effective treatment with us.

Implantology and dental prostheses

The absence of a tooth can cause many problems in the dental arch, both aesthetically and functionally. We offer an implantology service that allows the placement of an implant within the dental bone and a prosthesis to replace missing teeth permanently.

Aesthetic treatments

Would you like to change the appearance of your smile? Through ceramic veneers, teeth whitening, alignment, and other possibilities, our team will offer contemporary solutions and accompany you on your journey towards a new, refreshed smile.


Whether you are a child or an adult, we offer orthodontic treatment to restore your teeth to their proper alignment. Through conventional braces or invisible aligners, we can treat cases of dental crowding or unsightly alignments.


Free dental check-up up to 16 years old


Why visit our Dentremont Dental Centre?

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Easy access

Our dental centre is ideally located in the heart of Valais. Close to Sion, Conthey, Martigny, Verbier and Orsières, our practice is perfectly served by the region’s main roads. In front of our dental surgery, a car park reserved for patients allows you to enjoy treatments in complete serenity.

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Comprehensive care

Our dental centre is attached to the Maison de la Santé du Grand Entremont in Sembrancher. Our collaboration with other health professionals allows us to provide comprehensive care and optimise all your health care needs.

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State-of-the-art technology

With two treatment rooms and an X-ray room, our dental centre is thoroughly equipped with modern, state-of-the-art dentistry facilities. Enjoy comfortable dental care with minimal pain in our state-of-the-art building.

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Personalised support

Caring is our priority. All our patients, young or old, benefit from personalised care and tailored support. Our team of dentists and dental assistants are trained to reassure and gently guide you through your treatment.

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Preventive oral health care

Prevention is better than cure and is at the heart of what we do. Equally important for children and adults, good oral hygiene is the key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Therefore, we offer a free oral check-up and orthodontic diagnosis to every child under the age of 16.

"I would like to thank Dr Esra Gelen for the exceptional quality of the care she has given me, her great expertise and dexterity (I've never had any pain), and also for the warm welcome she has given me in her magnificent practice, where the team is adorable. The best specialist in French-speaking Switzerland, I'm delighted!
"Emergency consultation at this dental surgery following a skiing accident in Verbier. One phone call was all it took to get fast treatment (broken tooth). Highly recommend!"
"The best care I have had for my daughter. After being traumatised by other dentists, she looks forward to going to Dentremont and the care is excellent. As a mother, I've also had the feeling of being listened to and heard. A huge thank you!
"Dental clinic 2.0 modern equipment, smiling and above all competent staff. I highly recommend it."
"Professional and honest (does not perform unnecessary care). I would recommend 💯%"
"Excellent work, very satisfied, quality and pleasant work. A great team thank you for listening."

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